Posted on Aug 17 2017

anama opened its arms in welcome to the annual ASi-IAD Convention 2017 being held at the Riu Hotel in Panama City, August 16-19, 2017. Under the theme "Committed to Wellness and Service", the Convention brings together the business and professional members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inter-America Division for four days of training, networking and celebration of their acheivements during the year. The legal and health professionals of the organization also joined with ASI to host this year's convention.

The hall of the hotel came alive with color and spark as the various nations of the region paraded their national costumes and flags as they entered the convention center.

The meetings started with a well received address from the Panama Director of Regional Tourism Coordination, Lic. Carmen Gonzalez who also introduced a cultural group which delighted the audience with their music and dance.

Pastor Israel Leito, President of the Inter-America Division of Seventh-day Adventist was the keynote speaker and he challenged ASi members to "cast their bread upon the water," as they continued to invest in mission and outreach.

Dr. David Williams, world renowned social scientist and professor at Harvard University gave a pointed lecture on mental health and the steps we need to take to identify and treat this desease in our community. He provided reviting eveidence on the prevalence and effects of mental health issues in our society but highlighted many available resources which can help to address this problem.

The meeting was hosted by Dr. Leon B. Wellington, Executive Secretary of ASI-IAD and Dr. Marston Thomas, Immediate Past President of ASI-IAD.

Photo albums at Facebook/ASI Interamerica.

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