ASI Convention in Medellin Colombia

Posted on Dec 12 2016

Inter-America’s 15th Annual Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASi) Convention opened last night encouraging its Adventist professionals, business owners and today’s generation of creative professionals in the church move forward with the mission of the church.

Hundreds gathered at Colombia’s Adventist University in Medellin, during the opening ceremony, which was streamed live online, and included government officials, church leaders and guest speakers, to set the tone of the four-day event.

“We want you to be ‘Connected, Empowered and Transformed’ as our theme says so that we can all be able to do greater work for God and those around us,” said Dr. Marston Thomas, president of ASi Inter-America.

Thomas reported that ASi members across the Inter-American Division (IAD) have been busy in their localities engaged in the world church’s Total Member Involvement initiative and IAD’s Lord Transform Me projects.

“Many ASi-ers have conducted seminars, evangelistic campaigns and bible studies that have added many to the church,” said Thomas. “We must commend those who have extended help to various communities, health projects and facilities to take care of the sick, feeding thousands and providing homes for the homeless.”

Congresswoman from the Antioquía Department Ana Cristina Moreno Palacios welcomed the church and its ASi event to the city of Medellin. Moreno praised the visible work of the church in Medellin with 2.2 million people and included the 6.3 million people in the Antioquía Department.

“We acknowledge the work that the Adventist Church, its business owners, lawyers, institutions does for society,” said Moreno. “Your institutions to defend liberties, to educate professionals with an emphasis on service, your church’s healthy lifestyle, humanitarian and social work for the less fortunate, your work in strengthening families as the base of society in your communities, is very much appreciated.”

Keynote speaker Dr. Conrad Duncan, vice president for administration for the church in the Florida Conference, highlighted the need for Adventist professionals to be connected by the only source of power found in God’s Holy Spirit.

“We need to all be connected with Jesus Christ, work together connected with the church of God and its mission, and connected with those who are lost,” Duncan said.

“It is not possible to be connected with God and overlook the church of God,” said Duncan. “God is still leading His church and we should be connected with the church of God to ensure the mission get carried out in reaching the lost and prepare them for the soon coming of Christ.”

Participants at this year’s convention will get the opportunity to network, sit in on professional development and business management seminars, strengthen on-going projects and new projects to benefit the community.

The convention will also see Adventist lawyers join the event and take part in a forum to highlight, discuss and formulate solutions to contemporary issues and challenges affecting the Adventist Church today.

Dr. Thomas reported that during the convention, a new ASi President would be elected as well as a new board instated.

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