Impact Belize- The God Who Walks With Me- July 18-August 24, 2014

Posted on Sep 09 2014

The Inter American Division’s Children Ministries, Adventist Mission
Departments and the IAD’S Adventist Laypersons in Services and
Industries in association with ASI Mission 2000 & Beyond, have
just concluded the second cross-cultural children Mission project
in Corozol, Belize. The theme for this year’s impact was “The God
who walks with me”. The initial plan was for 10 sites but by the
conclusion of the first Sabbath we had eleven (11) sites across the
District of Corozol namely: Central ,North Side, Ranchito, Xaibe,
Libertad, Calcutta, San Joaquin , San Narciso ,San Pedro ,
Concepcion and Santa Clara.

The initial projection was for 120-150 missionaries.

We had 105 missionaries who participated throughout the 3

Despite the many challenges and set- backs , especially the
health challenge and constant battle with dehydration God
showed Himself strong in His cause and on behalf of His people.

This was a rescue operation and as soldiers were temporarily
incapacitated others volunteered to ensure that every post of
duty was manned because 55 precious souls needed to be
brought home. To God belongs all the glory for what he
continues to do through his children and young people.. We
thank Him for the many life lessons that are being learnt by
these young people even as they pledge their lives to work
for the God who is always triumphant.

There were projects executed at 10 sites which included:
Vacation Bible School, the painting of parks and the sea wall,
repairs of homes, street clean up, cleaning of community centres
and the creation of a 10 commandment mural in San Pedro.

These humanitarian projects were well received and this had a

positive effect on the visitor’s attendance for the nightly
evangelistic program. Over 208 visitors were recorded as having
attended the series.

There was tremendous excitement about the construction of the
Health Clinic at North Side Seventh-day Adventist Church, which

was our major collective undertaking. Since the budget for this
project was not realized, we were able to assist in taking the
building up to the level of the ring beam of the first floor. We
thank the Tobago Chapter of ASI for their specific contribution to
the health clinic. Young people from the visiting teams worked on

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