Convention Unveils- How to Gain the Health Advantage

Posted on Aug 16 2014

The Lord has an advantage for us so that we can be able to accomplish our endeavors, both in business and other areas of our lives". This was said by Dr. Elmo Rodriquez Sosa, as he spoke at the annual ASi-IAD Convention being held in La Puebla, Mexico. Stating that God's desire is for us to be healthy and prosperous, not only to benefit our business enterprise but because He wants to dwell in us as reference in 1 Corinthians 13 V16-17. Therefore although our bodies tend to degenerate as we age, and aches and pains seem inevitable; this doesn't have to be so, and God has given us a plan to prevent this. It is as we follow that plan that we will gain the advantage in our lives.

Dr. Rodriquez was talking under the topic' How To Take Care of Your Health', and postulated that the degenerative process occurs in all three major areas of our health and therefore we should pay attention to each of these. Our bone system suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis in the spine. This leads to pain and suffering in our bodies extending from our shoulders, fingers, hips, knees and joints all over. However this problem is primarily caused by us introducing things into our bodies that stimulate inflammation, and that impedes proper blood circulation. Therefore by avoiding fatty acids, high cholesterol foods, and living an active lifestyle we can restrain this process. This is part of the better plan that God has for us.

Osteoporosis, where our bones loose density and its ability to maintain our frame is also one of the common problems in this area.This is due to calcium loss in our bones and is contributed to largely by things we put in our bodies which stimulate calcium loss, such as sodas which contain phosphoric acid along with coffee and caffeine beverages. Lack of vitamin D is another contributing factor, and over 80% of us are said to have less than the minimum recommended levels, while this is readily available by exposing our self to adequate sunlight each day. Another major cause of this disease is the eating of excess protein, which our body combats by releasing calcium from our bones. So by eating less meat, cheese and butter we can greatly increase our chances of avoiding this problem, and especially if we sit for most of the day we should limit our daily protein intake to 50g.

The second area that we need to pay attention to , according to our presenter, was our mental health and nervous system. we should keep an eye on our level of stress as while the production of cortisone and adrenalin helps us with alertness, any excess starts to "eat away" at our brains. We need to plan our daily activities so that we can better manage our obligations and reserve time to meditate and accept God's promise in Isiah 25 v 3 that "our minds will be kept in perfect peace if we focus on Christ". We can preserve our mental health and nervous system by learning to break our routine and relaxing sometime, by being creative and doing things in a different way, and by challenging our brain each day. Another secret for a better brain is to read the Bible, and it has been shown that this along with worship and thanksgiving causes a mental boost and increases our mental capacity.

Roman 12 v 2 tells us that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds, and there is guidance in the scripture of how we can develop the kind of brain that is healthy and active by following God's plan. He wants us to spend more time in nature and less before the computer, not to be enclosed in 4 walls of voluntary confinement. He wants us to befriend people with warm and tender hearts who show love and empathy to others. He wants us to meditate, relax and reflect, taking time to incorporate His word into our lives as we meditate o the scriptures.

From 2004 until present Dr. Rodriquez has been the guest doctor on the radio program Clinica Abierta which is produced by WZOL FM station San Juan, Puerto Rico. For 28 years he has integrated his knowledge of medicine, nutrition, botany, hydrotherapy and lifestyle to develop an alternative practice of medicine. He shared with us 7 secrets to improving our brain. These include learning to face negative emotions, engaging in satisfying activities, learning to forgive ourselves, avoid loosing focus on our objective by looking away too much ,sticking to a cause greater than our self to take selfishness from our hearts, love and let our self be loved. Quoting from the apostle Paul who said " now abides hope, faith and love. but the greatest of these is love.The doctor advised us to love with no strings attached.

The last area of emphasis in this discussion on how to take care of our health and gain the health advantage focused on the cardiovascular system. Dr. Rodriquez emphasized that inactivity damages circulation, which is essential for carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout our bodies, but also allows excess waste to exit our bodies, which if remaining will cause the degenerative process to accelerate. And so to foster good blood circulation we need to move our bodies and avoid inactivity.

Smoking and caffeine beverages also damages our circulatory system by closing our arteries, increasing our blood pressure and accelerating our heart rhythm, similar to what occurs when we are under stress.

We should pay close attention to our lipid profile, which shows the levels of lipo protein or fat carrying enzymes in our blood. Brain scans of those over 60 yr old shows the degenerative process on the small blood vessels and tissues which contain our memories and our spirituality. We need to protect these. We also need to check our blood pressure as built up pressure in our major blood vessels will start to damage our kidneys, brains and heart. If a blockage occurs in these we will have a heart attack and if in our small vessels in the brain we will have a stroke. We must also watch our body weight , and not just by looking in the mirror, but by knowing our body mass index to see if we are normal, overweight or obese.

Ending on the note that God crated our body and its organs to function harmoniously, he implored us to learn God's plan and follow it, so as to live long, healthy and productive lives. As the scripture says, "Teach us to count our days.".

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