New St. Vincent and the Grenadine (SVG) Chapter Formed

Posted on Jan 21 2014

Sabbath January 18 witnessed the formation of a new SVG ASI chapter. The event came about as a result of talks between Pastor Leon Wellington Division ASI coordinator and Pastor Dermoth Baptist President of the recently formed SVG Mission. The Caribbean Union ASI coordinator, Pastor Theodore Jaria was on hand to participate in the exercise which convened Friday 17 and Sabbath 18 2014. The event seemed to have been well promoted with business and professionals from every district descended on Kingston SDA church on Friday and The Methodist church Hall on Sabbath. There was an average of 150 persons at both venues.
The officers are from left to right, Minerva Glasgow, VP, Ronnie Jack, President, Anthony Peterson, PRO, Westwick Williams, floor member, Roxanne John, Treasurer, Gary Matthews, VP, Dave Baptist VP (slightly obscured by Ps Wellington) and Igal Adams, Evangelism Coordinator.
We wish the new team much success as they make their presence felt in the new Mission.


Report Submitted By ; Pastor Theodore Jaria



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