Division President Applauds Industry and Commerce.

Posted on Aug 16 2013

Elder Israel Leito, President Inter-America Division, applauded the delegates of the 13th Annual ASI Convention being held in San Jose, Costa Rica, for their industrial and commercial abilities. Confessing that he more trust the businessmen of the church with commercial endeavors than other persons , he focused on Jesus' admonition to “occupy till I come”. The much repeated tale that the believers in 1844 sold everything and stopped working is really a myth, as the church kept on working even as they waited on the return of Jesus.


Using the story of the talents, he asked us to consider what were the things that could lead us to suffer the fate of the man with one talent, who proved unfaithful. The first thing identified by our speaker was our belief that our success is due entirely to our ability and our skills without recognizing that it is God who gave the reward. This is what often leads the rich to experience so much difficulty in returning the tithe, as while a few pennies may be easy to part with when the income approaches or surpasses millions of dollars; most people are challenged to remain faithful. However we should always remember that the Lord admonishes us to “occupy till I come”, giving us the assurance that he is indeed coming back for his faithful people.


Pastor Leito bemoaned what he saw as the second problem faced by those involved in industry and commerce, and that is being carried away or caught up in the practices of the business or industry. Sometimes the Christian businessman gets caught up in the environment that he operates in where everyone may be involved in some corrupt practice.  However he must remember at all times that he is not like the others, but is a child of God “occupying till Jesus comes”.


The Christian businessman must continue to love his brethren, to take care of his church and do all that he can to advance the cause of Christ. Business and Industry will be part of what is happening until Jesus comes; we should carry on with these activities, keep being productive and diligent, but at all times fully aware that at any moment Jesus will come. We can be successful in business and not lose our faith; the Christian businessman can continue advancing his business and keep his heart focused on his Lord, looking for His return.

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