President Dr. Marston Thomas Returns as New Board is Elected.

Posted on Aug 16 2013

The nominating committee of the 13th Annual ASI Convention elected it’s new Board of Directors to lead the organization for the next two years was returned as president to continue the programs and projects which were initiated during his first term.  Pastor Leon Wellington was also returned as the Secretary and Sis. Ivelisse Herera as Treasurer. Four Vice-Presidents were elected from the various regions, namely Victor Johnson (English), Jonatan Camargo (Spanish), Rolando Garcia(Spanish-2), and Jean Holder(French).

Lyndon Antoine continues as the Projects and Evangelism co-ordinator, and Rohan Riley as the Public Relations Officer. The Board is completed with the ASI Union Chapter presidents and Union Secretary/Treasurers, along with two floor members, as listed below.


Union Chapter Presidents:

  • Caribbean Union: Gem Rholier
  • Dominican Union: Miguel Angel de la Rosa
  • Inter Oceanic Mex. Union: Francisco Penada
  • Jamaica Union: Judy Morgan
  • Venezuela: Manuel Mujica
  • South. Central American Union:
  • Fr. Antilles Guyana Union:

Union Secretary/Treasurer

  • Atlantic Caribbean: Roderick Sands
  • Caribbean Union: Theodore Jaria
  • Dominican Union: Moises Javier
  • Inter Oceanic Union: Abraham Sandoval
  • Jamaica Union: Princess Lawes
  • South. Central America U: Silas Martinez
  • Venezuela Union: Fernando Toala

Floor Members/Vocales:                      

  • Jorge Irias
  • Margarita Aponte



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