Convention Speaker Focuses on Love

Posted on Aug 15 2013

Pastor Ramos De Jesus Canals , Vice-President , North Pacific Union, was the guest speaker for the opening ceremony of the 13th International ASI-IAD Convention held on Wednesday August 14, 2013 at the Barcelo, San Jose Palacio Hotel, in San Jose Costa Rica. Pastor Canals is a passionate preacher who has brought hope and comfort to thousands through his ministry.

He related to the audience an occasion when he received a letter that had just one line which said, “ My life is not worth living, I want to die.”. There was no name attached , and no way for him to know who the person was. It broke his heart, but he did all that he could do, that is he prayed for this individual who had obviously lost hope.

Many persons are committing suicide more and more each day, bemoaned the compassioned preacher, as he revealed that over 30,000 persons kill themselves in the USA each year, while over 750,000 make an attempt to do so. He told the story of a businessman whom he knew, whose business was failing, and one Sabbath while his family was in church he took a gun and shot himself. Against this back-drop he encouraged us to have hope and trust in God.

With his heart overflowing with pain, he offered to share with us 13 verses which he thought could change our lives. Citing support from the writings of Ellen G. White, he quoted, “these words should be written in every heart”.  Pastor Canals by now had fully opened himself to the control of the Holy Spirit, as he repeated with passion and conviction the verses of 1 Cor.vs 1-13. “The best way is love”, came his appeal, knowing the prophecies is important, doctrines are important, but best thing is love,; love for God and love for our neighbors is what will get us into Heaven.

By following the principles of this great chapter we will learn how to order our lives, how to order our relationships and how to live for God.  We need to be careful that love is the motivation for all our actions. These words teach us how to persevere, how to have patience with our wives and our children and our associates.

Now abideth Faith, Hope and Love; these three, but the greatest of these is Love.


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