Posted on Apr 03 2012

Myanmar Frontier Missions conducted revival meetings Jan. 22–Feb. 2, 2012, in Pyapon-Bogalay Circle. Meetings were held at 85 church members' homes in nine villages and two towns.

     MFM director Saw Thein was joined by pioneers Saya U Z Naung San Aung from Meiktila and Thara Eh Taw from Da-gune-taing to hold meetings in the territories where worldwide missionary Pastor Thara Saw Silas's church members live.

     Local mission workers hosted the meetings, and also went house-to-house, "encouraging our members to be ready and waiting for the coming Jesus Christ," said Thein. "We appeal [to] them to know the importance of waiting [for] our Lord through conducting morning and evening devotions. This is our aim and task to accomplish [in giving] the warning message throughout our Myanmar Union Mission until Jesus Christ comes."

     Thein was happy to meet up with old friends throughout the territories and to find many faithful members "with their precious spiritual blessings." He reported seeing an active church member named Eh Ni from the PyaPon Church who now serves as a worldwide missionary. She became an Adventist before Saw Thein served as a literature evangelist in the same area twenty years ago.

     "We encourage them to offer themselves as a living sacrifice to God and dedicate their lives and services [to please] God because we know the Lord is coming, even at the door," Thein said.

     MFM works specifically in Meiktila in Middle Myanmar. The ministry has 14 projects between the towns of Yamethin and Shwe Bo. It operates 10 nursery schools and uses a variety of approaches in evangelism to reach people throughout the region, with a special work to reach the Burmans. MFM is in its 13th year of service and has an office in the city of Yangon. A board of trustees oversees donations and manages progress.

     Contact Saw Thein at for more information about Myanmar Frontier Missions.



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